Hamilton grade 987 Wrist Watch Cleaning (#1)
Watch 2292541
Cleaned and assembled with
the exception of the balance
and balance bridge
Watch 2292541
Before Cleaning
Salvaged balances and hairsprings.  I have 3 good balances with pivots in good condition (one is missing
a roller jewel).  The hairsprings that are used will have to be checked for trueness, and vibrated to ensure
that they match the balance.  

I also have 4 hairsprings (see above). I will pick the 2 springs that need the least work:

1- good condition, although the collet is out of flat:

2- Seems to be in good condition, but will check for trueness, although it is a little smaller than the others,
so I have to verify.

                                                                                     3- The last 2 coils are non-concentric and bent.
4- The last coil is bent out of shape.
Both watches assembled and running
A Tale of Two Wrist Watches:

These two watches came in
parts, with pieces of 4 other
watches.  The task was to
assemble two complete and
functioning watches.

Several obstacles to over
come, including matching
and adjusting damages