See Contact Me for Shipping Address

I have used insured USPS Priority Mail consistently
with success, and prefer this method. If you feel
comfortable, send it without signature requirement,
and it will go directly to my locked mailbox.
Shipping a Watch For Repair
Carrier Options for return shipping

Please fill out this form (can be filled out in the
browser window), print and include with your
package. (if you cannot fill in the form online,
please include the information as noted below)

Pack the watch in a cardboard box, (not a padded
envelope) with at least 3" of packaging material
around the watch. The packing material should be
one piece material such as bubble rap so as not to
shift.  Make sure the watch is secured in the middle
of the packing material.  Insure your watch for
replacement value (contact me if you need a rough
estimate of value).

Please include the information below inside the
package, and
email me with the shipping information
so I can know when to expect receipt.
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Return Address
  • Email
  • Comments