Waltham 1857 Service
When the watch comes out of the second rinse
solution and dried, the brass is visibly cleaner
and brighter,   although some residual damage
to the brass is still visible (fig. 1,5)

The balance wheel (fig. 2) comes out nice and
bright.  All of the pivots are not inspected under
magnification for wear.  I some instances, they
can be burnished to a high luster.  But at times
the pivot damage is to great to burnish out, and
further action has to be taken.

The finely decorated balance cock (fig. 3 )
comes out nicely, and the jewels (taken out
before cleaning) are inspected, the hole jewels
pegged, and re-installed.
The time train is re-assembled (fig. 4  ), pivots
aligned, and plates installed.   The balance is
installed and the watch (with some adjustment)
starts right up.

The pivots are oiled, the motion works, dial and
hands are installed (fig. 6) (usually before the
watch is cased), but with this watch the hands
were installed before and it was bench tested
under glass for several days..
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
Fig. 6