About Joel Trenalone

Joel Trenalone runs a full time mechanical watch
repair and micro machine shop in Northern California.

It started as a fascination with a wrist watch given to
him by his grandfather.  The watch was dis-assembled
and re-assembled several times.  As his father's
wristwatches quit working, he would take them apart
also, and attempt to repair them (with mixed success).  
Over the years, his interest has grown.  He has, via
hands-on experience and in depth study, acquired the
expertise (and tools) to operate a small watch shop.  
He currently specializes in the repair and restoration of
antique pocket and wrist watches.

In the past, he has worked as an architect, most
recently for California State University, Chico. But he is
now working full time providing horological services .

TimePieceShoppe.com serves as the storefront for his
home-shop business.
Timepieces from all over the world can be
d and repaired.  

"Thank you for your online visit.  Please let
me know if I can be of service"
, Joel

Joel Trenalone can be contacted at:
Phone: 530-520-1478